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About Us

Ambriola – the Premier Importer of the finest Cheeses from Italy since 1921.

At Ambriola, we’ve been bringing a taste of Italy to homes throughout America since 1921, importing only the finest Italian specialty cheeses. In 2014, Ambriola was acquired by Auricchio S.p.A of Cremona, Italy. Today, we are proud to be a part of the Auricchio company, renowned throughout the world as makers of the best cheeses. Founded by Gennaro Auricchio in 1877, Auricchio recently celebrated their 140th anniversary of cheese making in Italy.

As part of the Auricchio family, Ambriola will continue to be the sole importer of the two most recognized brands of specialty cheese from Italy, both produced by Auricchio: Auricchio Provolone and the Locatelli brand.

The reason for Auricchio’s success over all these years… Expert quality, superior craftsmanship, the finest milk available and maintaining and staying true to the tradition that Don Gennaro began, adhering to the strictest standards to ensure excellence. It is our honor to present these fine cheeses to you to enjoy. With our imported cheeses, you’ll know you’re serving the best!