Celebrating 140 Years

When you think of Italian cheeses, you think provolone. In Italy, when you think provolone, the name that comes to mind is Auricchio. This legendary delicacy was founded in 1877 by Gennaro Auricchio at San Vesuviano in the province of Naples. Gennaro Auricchio, the inventor of the “special recipe” or – so it was called – the “secret of Don Gennaro” that gives to Auricchio its unique flavor, popular throughout the world.

Today, Auricchio is the world leader in provolone. And true to its heritage, all Auricchio provolone is still manufactured by hand, “Fatto a mano da sempre.” Ambriola is proud to offer a full-line of imported Italian provolone from the Auricchio brand. No other provolone has the same tradition, craftsmanship, quality or taste of Auricchio imported provolone. Try for yourself what 140 years of perfection tastes like.

Our Provolone … the Auricchio Provolone in all its varieties (Provolone Piccante, Provolone Dolce, Provolone Giovane), is a complete food, rich in calcium and in the proteins that are essential elements for the development of human body and the nourishment of bone tissue in all stages of life:

  • Teenagers in developmental age
  • Adults and sportsmen
  • Elderly, for whom calcium is crucially needed

Auricchio company, taking into consideration consumers’ demands and new food trends, presents Provolone as a modern, versatile cheese and that can be enjoyed as an appetizer, in cooking and at the end of a meal with fruit.

The Production Process – from Farm to Table

The carefully kept secret of rennet, an accurate selection of staff, passion and experience make products of highest quality. Over 140 years of experience are passed down from father to son in the name of superior quality. Auricchio has always been close to its consumers, selecting farms with special breeds and suggesting the best fodder, with the aim to obtain a milk with the required qualities. Milk undergoes thorough qualifying tests and is processed in compliance with the strictest standards. Our centuries-old experience and respect of traditions are the basis on which a modern quality management system has been developed and certified ISO 9001:2008.

Auricchio, proud to only produce the best!

Provolone Classico

Provolone Gustoso


Provolone Fonduta

Provolone Specialties

La Riserva Di Don Gennaro Provolone

Stravecchio Provolone